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Martin Burns - Hope is Viral

My work as an HIV Awareness activist started the moment I received my own AIDS diagnosis in 2007. As I got better and better, I realised the truth of the condition was little known, much misunderstood and maligned due to fear. An AIDS diagnosis used to be a terminal thing, but thanks to advances in medication I survived and became a man living with HIV. Now that I am untransmittable thanks to being undetectable, I consider myself to be HIV-neutral. The virus has merely left its autograph on my blood but has no more power. However, my words do I hope. And hope really is viral.

‘U-equals-U is a gamechanger for all those living with HIV. Simply stated, when someone’s undetectable (which is what modern-day medication gives to the individual living with HIV) then they become untransmittable. It is IMPOSSIBLE for them to transmit the virus. While it’s outrageous that there’s been no Government-backed campaign to promote this, charities like the wonderful Brigstowe Project are highlighting these facts. It’s the most important piece of algebra you’ll read learn today. Please pass it on!’

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