We Are Still Here

U-equals-U is a gamechanger for all those living with HIV. Simply stated, when someone’s undetectable (which is what modern-day medication gives to the individual living with HIV) then they become untransmittable. It is IMPOSSIBLE for them to transmit the virus. While it’s outrageous that there’s been no Government-backed campaign to promote this, charities like the wonderful Brigstowe Project are highlighting these facts. It’s the most important piece of algebra you’ll read learn today. Please pass it on!

Find our more about the We Are Still Here project:

Web: www.wearestillhere.net
Instagram: www.instagram.com/wearestillherestories/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/wearestillherestories/

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Links from the funding institutions behind the We Are Still Here project:

We Are Still Here: Our Journey – Oral History Society (ohs.org.uk)
We Are Still Here: Stories from the HIV & AIDS Community – Brigstow Institute (bristol.ac.uk)
Brigstow and the Bristol Photo Festival Research Projects – Brigstow Institute
Exhibitions | Bristol Photo Festival

Here is a Bristol 24/7 article covering the project:

A look into the lives of those in the HIV and AIDS community (bristol247.com)